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Delta Sigma Delta is an organization of dentists and dental students brought together with the common goal of promoting excellence in the dental profession. We currently have 33 dental school chapters, and 42 alumni chapters. At the school level, members have a great study support group, social events, education opportunities and do community service projects. Fellowship continues at the alumni level in graduate chapters all around the country.

On November 15, 1882, seven dental students in Ann Arbor, Michigan met and founded the first dental fraternity in the world. For a name, they transposed the initials of the DDS degree, to DSD and substituted the Greek letters ΔΣΔ. Delta Sigma Delta was born and this new chapter became known as Alpha Chapter. Upon graduation, these these men continued their bond by creating the Supreme (or Alumni) Chapter, from which developed the many Graduate Chapters. After 130 years, we are 75 chapters strong in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia.

A message from our current Supreme Grand Master:
Rocco Ciccone, DDS (Detroit, MI)

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome to the Delta Sigma Delta website all members and those who seek information on our fraternity. As Supreme Grand Master, it is my duty to oversee the business of the fraternity for the next year. I will have the honor of travelling the globe to attend meetings of our foreign chapters and visit with our brothers abroad.

As a student, I was initiated into PiPi Chapter at The University of Detroit School of Dentistry in January of 1983. After graduation, in 1986, I joined the Detroit Graduate Chapter. I have been priviledged to serve our fraternity in many capacities since then. Delta Sigma Delta has given me the gift of lasting friendships with brother members around the world.

Delta Sigma Delta Educational Foundation

The Educational Foundation grants loans of up to $10,000 to student members of the Fraternity who are in their 3rd or 4th year of dental school or those in accredited dental specialty training. The loan application and qualification info are in the PDF below and should be read carefully.

Student Loan Application

Applications are accepted only between January 1st and April 30th each year and must be sent by mail, not electronically. Loans are approved by a vote of the Foundation Trustees.

Please mail the application to the Foundation address shown on the form. Administrator Dr. David Hertel can be reached at drdeh652(at) or 440-821-4323 (personal cell).


Most of us remember those days in dental school when financial aid meant a great deal to us. Today's Brothers and Sisters of Delta Sigma Delta have the same problems, and this is where our Educational Foundation is able to help out. The Foundation currently has 29 loans issued to students with principle due of $255,000. In addition, $15,000 in grants are given annually to help finance student activities fraternally, professionally, and for educational purposes. It is anticipated that many more applications for loans will be received this year and thereafter. Your contributions will allow the Foundation to continue to aid our DSD students. Please send your contributions to:

Delta Sigma Delta Educational Foundation
c/o Dr. Dave Hertel
11971 Bramble Cove Dr.
Fort Myers, FL 33905

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